Doula’s Make Birth Better

Serving women passionately during childbirth

As your doula I will hold your space, keeping your environment calm. I will support you physically and emotionally. I will give you continuous care. I’m dad’s ally, supporting him to better support you.

Birth with Grace

  • Creates a calming environment for your labor and birth.
  • Provides comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and reduces anxiety .
  • Promotes self-confidence in your ability to birth and mother.
  • Empowering parents to make informed decisions, and informed consent.
  • Encourages and provides gentle guidance to partners in labor, birth and postpartum.
  • Studies show a result of shorter labors, fewer interventions, and reduced cesareans.
  • Helps process unexpected event in pregnancy and birth.
  • Establish breastfeeding during the golden hour, and encourages family bonding during the immediate postpartum period.

My passion is to serve women in this beautiful season of life. If you have a ‘unique’ circumstance please give me a call or Email and we can further discuss. Sometimes the beauty of life comes with a bit of chaos.