“Giving birth is an intimate and personal experience. It can also be painful. The people in the delivery room should be a support system. You should feel completely comfortable and at ease. My husband and I experienced all of those things and are extremely grateful that Gabriella was our doula. It was my husband’s idea to find a doula. He pointed out that giving birth is an area that he hasn’t experienced and while he wanted to provide assistance to me during this time, he might need assistance and advice during the labor and delivery too. When we met Gabriella, we knew several things. 1: She is someone that knows who she is in Christ. 2: She is knowledgeable, honest and authentic. 3: She would be someone that I would feel comfortable with seeing me in one of the most vulnerable states I will ever be in. 4: She would make a great doula. Gabriella was all of these things and more during our entire birth experience. We will have Gabriella as our doula for all future births.” – Renee B.

“We have a difficult time writing a review because our words simply do not extend the level of gratitude we have with our doula Gabriella Macugay.  We came from the mindset of “everyone needs an epidural” or “schedule a ‘C section’” because birth is too painful.  After our first visit with Gabriella we had a strong conviction that God had brought her in our life for this special purpose.  We also changed our thinking to birth as a positive experience and we want as much of this blessing as possible. The pre-birth visits were helpful providing us with knowledge through helpful exercises, reading material, and managing expectations in the midst of an age of so much negative information.However, the day of birth was truly amazing!  Gabriella’s level of care was unmatched, she kept in contact if there were ever any doubts, she came to our house prior to the hospital trip, and set us up perfectly for a great birth.  During the active labor process she coached my husband on exercises and helped bring the room to the perfect atmosphere of dim lighting, the right music, birthing ball, and everything else from the birth plan we created. I look back on this experience as one of the biggest blessings of my life, after 2 hours of labor at the hospital, our beautiful Zoe came!  This experience was so encouraging I was ready to do it again shortly after J(if you knew my personality, you would know what a miracle this is).  I highly recommend Gabriella, and would not dream of choosing anyone else for this amazing blessing of childbirth” -May M.

“I hired Gabriella as my doula and knew she was there for support and encouragement. She met with me multiple times before birth and we talked about what i can do to have my birth go smoothly. She gave me articles, books, and information on stuff I didn’t know was even possible to have done at your birth. She supported my whole family. She stuck to the birth plan I made and couldn’t say it was at all less than amazing. She was there at the beginning of labor while I was

cooking a meal for after baby comes. Not even 4 hours later baby was here. I had horrible back labor and she helped by pushing on my hips and helped release some tension and pain. I also felt like my back was on fire so she used cold packs to bring me back to normal temperature. While my husband was helping me through labor she gave us water, fed us, and asked us if we were ok. I would hire her 1,000 more times if I could. She is just a blessing to our family. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you”-Catherine Arias